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mimos certification

Head of Neurosurgeon & Paediatric Doctor
Hopsital of Barcelona & CAP Rambla de Sant Feliu de Llobregat

We recommend the use of Mimos pillow based on its observed, anecdotal and theoretical effectiveness. The safety and efficacy characteristics of these pillows, unfortunately, are not regulated by law because they are classified as low risk devices. We have analyzed a total of 15 pillows on the market and only the MIMOS® brand of pillow seems to us both effective and safe.

Some pillows which are potentially well designed have a cavity in the center that allows further adjustment of the head to increase the contact area and pressure distribution exer- ted by the gravitational force.

The viscoelastic (memory-foam) material may seem best suited to be a material that adapts to the body as a function of pressure and heat but being a material that does not allow air circulation when the child is turned could make him suffocate and we consider them dangerous. Some manufacturers claim to have solved this problem by making holes on the foam, but we consider it not enough and there is no scientific evidence or safety test that guarantees that. Other pillows, filled with polyester fibers, cannot even withstand the weight of the head, and are deformed easily being totally useless.

MIMOS® pillow is designed to distribute pressure appropriately and being filled with a po- lyester three-dimensional structure that allows air flow is totally safe in case the child turns around and face the pillow.

Dr. Josep Maria i Costa,
Head of Neurosurgery of Sant Joan de Déu Hospital in Barcelona,

Dr. Joan Bosch i Hugas
Pediatric doctor at CAP Rambla de Sant Feliu de Llobregat, Spain

Consultant Paediatric Osteopath
Team Lead Fulham Osteopaths Baby Team – UK

The MIMOS® pillow is well designed. It reduces the pressure on the back and sides of a baby’s head, and the shape of the pillow keeps the baby’s neck nicely positioned. It is also made from a breathable material, comfortable for baby and reassuring for parents.

Melinda Cotton DO


Physhiotherapist & Clinical Director
Kids Physio – CANADA

MIMOS® pillow is a nice easy light tool parent can take and adopt into their sleep routine and helps contribute to naturally rounding out the baby head as well as resolving the flat head as quickly as possible.

Carly Aspden (BSc, MPT)

Physhiotherapist & Clinical Director
Kids Physio – CANADA

I like MIMOS® pillow because : 1st it evenly distribute the pressure from baby’s skull, 2nd It is very light weight and 3rd I love the MIMOS because It is very breathable.

Laura Patrick (BHK, MScPT )

Paediatric Osteopath – UK

As a Paediatric Osteopath I see quite a few babies with Plagiocephaly or Flat Head. While osteopathic treatment is of huge benefit for these babies, I found that the MIMOS® Pillow was the most significant additional intervention. I have been recommending this pillow for over a year now and I have seen the difference it can make in just a few weeks. For parents of a baby with a flat head, it is a product we recommend every day. We believe in it so much we have even mentioned it in our book, Cherished Baby and Child.
Frank Kelleher